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    For And Against War With Iraq & Military Draft

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    This 8 page paper reviews some of the events leading up to the War with Iraq, going back to the Persian Gulf War. Arguments in support of the war and arguments opposing the ware are discussed. The second part of this paper is a discussion of the proposal to reinstate the draft. Again, arguments for and against this action are presented. bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    to disarm. The United States has been the most vocal about Saddams belligerence and refusals to do what was ordered following the Persian Gulf War (Thomas, 2003). It was America  that drove Iraq from Kuwait in 1991 and imposed the no fly zone over about two-thirds of the country (Thomas, 2003). There have been attempts by different intelligence agencies to  unseat Saddam and his regime for several years, all efforts failed (Thomas, 2003). The first mistake that was made was ending the Persian Gulf War before Saddam and his regime  were tossed out (Thomas, 2003). The early end of that war left the Republican Guard in force (Thomas, 2003). Then, Saddam should have signed the cease-fire documents and he didnt  (Thomas, 2003). Saddam[s absence from that event was a clear message that he did not consider himself or his regime defeated (Thomas, 2003). Then, after that war, the Butcher of  Baghdad used his Republican Guard to attack the Shiites who were in the south and the Kurds who were located in the north (Thomas, 2003). Neither the U.S. nor the  UN intervened while this was going on (Thomas, 2003). It was not really a bad decision because intervention could have resulted in any number of problems with Saudi Arabia and  Iran (Thomas, 2003). Even so, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, said at that time that Saddam had to be killed because there was no way to contain him (Thomas, 2003).  Since that time, Saddam has consistently cheated and retreated (Thomas, 2003). The international community attempted to contain him through sanctions and arms inspections all to no avail (Thomas, 2003).He  violated the peace treaty Iraq signed in 1991 (Young, 2003). He simply hid his weapons, moving them from place to place to deceive the inspectors (Thomas, 2003). He interfered with 

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