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    A 5 page paper. This essay presents a long SWOT for Ford Motor Company with 10 strengths, 10 weaknesses, 10 opportunities and 10 threats. The writer then presents a sample EFE matrix using five of each external factors to create the matrix. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    matrix. Ten items in each area of the SWOT is quite a lot. We ran over the page count. You are not being charged for the extra page.] SWOT  for Ford Motor Company Strengths: 1. Altruistic, generous with social responsibility. For example, they stepped up to the plate in a big way after 9/11 and they also give on  a regular basis to causes such as the Fight to End Breast Cancer 2. Ford is #7 on the Fortune 500 list (Hoovers, 2009). 3. Ford owns several  other brands, including Volvo, Aston Martin, and Mercury, among others and holds about a one-third interest in Mazda (University of North Carolina, n.d.). 4. The company adopted a sustainability plan  regarding environmental issues a few years ago (University of North Carolina, n.d.). 5. The company has a number of incentive programs for employees that lead to good relations. For instance,  the Thumbie award is given to someone who provides exceptional customer service (University of North Carolina, n.d.). 6. The company has a great deal of contact with shareholders, more than  the average corporation (University of North Carolina, n.d.). 7. Ford is very honest about its earnings and losses to shareholders and to Wall Street (University of North Carolina, n.d.). 8.  Of the American motor companies, Ford has the best liquidity (Visionwise, 2009). 9. Ford Motor Company took no bailout money (Visionwise, 2009). 10. The company has produced cars with exceptional  state-of-the-art technology that includes hybrids (Visionwise, 2009). Weaknesses 1. Ford posted poor financial results for 2008, the lowest in its history (Visionwise, 2009). 2. There could be problems  with raw materials, specifically the market of raw materials is very volatile (Visionwise, 2009). 3. The numerous innovations Ford is making increases their costs of research, development and very 

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