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    Four Seasons Hotels; A Case Study in Strategy

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    This 5 page paper looks at this well known hotel chain and answers four questions; assessing the strategic success of the company, identifying their competitive strategy, looking at the changes over the last few years and assessing how these changes have helped the company and its strategy. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    decrease in net earnings, This may be interpreted by many as a very negative sign, and with contracting net income the organisation may be interpreted as an indicator of trouble  (Anonymous, 2002) However, we need to consider this in the contextual environment. The events of September the eleventh have impacted on the leisure and hospitality industry across the globe, and  these results were expected, and the Hotel is remaining porfitable (Anonymous, 2002, Annual Report 2001). If we look at this company from other perspectives we can argue that there has  been a success. The company has become the market leader in the provision of luxury hotels and luxury resorts. This leadership position is one that is hard to obtain and  then maintained. Leadership does not equate to profits, however, the learning curve is likely to be less step and economies of scale may be realised, even at the premium end  of the market where the leadership has been obtained by differentiation rather than cost (Thompson, 1998). The success of the brand has also spurred a range of brand extensions both  related and a few unrelated, these have included holiday homes and even a beanie toy in conjunction with Ty, a bear called Issy was released exclusively through the New York  Four Seasons Hotel (Ty.com, 2002). This was a very successful branding exercise. However, some of the partnership may have been less successful, such as the ongoing dispute with Consorcio  Barr, where both the companies are accusing the other of mismanagement. Strategic alliances and partnerships will often add value, and the development of the Hotel with Consorcio Barr owning the  property and Four Seasons managing the hotel services may have indicated a strong strategic use of capital, however, the legal wrangle that has emerged also indicates the potential weaknesses of 

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