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    Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Changes in the Executive Branch

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    A 6 page discussion of the way Presidential Power and the Executive Branch of government itself changed during Roosevelt’s administration. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    presidents. His legacy is far reaching and includes not just a different way of dealing with domestic economics but also a new way of wielding the power of the  Executive office. Roosevelts groundbreaking changes in the Executive office should not have come as a surprise to American voters. Roosevelt hinted even during his inaugural address, after all,  that he intended to effect significant changes in regard to how the power of the executive branch would be utilized during his administration. The situation Roosevelt confronted when he  took office was urgent enough to demand immediate action. Roosevelt used this urgency as an excuse for turning over the status quo of not just of the executive office  but also of legislative authority in general, a status quo that had been initially established by our founding fathers. To understand the impact  Roosevelt had on American politics it is first necessary to understand that our founding fathers specifically designed the government to operate under the premise of Separation of Powers. These  powers are separated between the three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial. Our governmental system is set up to insure a balance of power in regard to  US Foreign policy in particular between the executive and legislative branches of government. This balance exists, however, in regard to such things as domestic legislation as well. In  practice it is most often the Executive Branch and quite frequently the President himself who takes the lead in foreign policy. Roosevelt was even more assertive in this regard,  however, than were his predecessors to the Executive office. It was an even more radical move, however, for a President to take such an active role in reshaping domestic 

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