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    Frito-Lay and the Sun Chip Multigrain Snack

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    This 14 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. The paper outlines the development of the multigrain snack called Sun Chips by Frito-Lay and the issues when deciding if this product should come to market. The paper carries out a SWOT analysis to look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of this new product and then at the marketing of the product before determining of this launch should go ahead. The paper also suggests a marketing campaign that can be used. The bibliography cites two sources.

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    for snack food manufactures to change in line with these developments may be seen as two of the four product marketing strategies of Frito- lay; one to develop new products  and one to extend the existing product lines. These along with line extensions and international expansion may be seen as the pillars of Frito-Lays growth strategy. One of the  new products that has been developed is a multigrain snack, similar in appearance to the Doritoss brand snacks, this may be seen as having great potential, however, with former failures  such as with the Prontos brand the company are reluctant to take on new multigrain chips, as this would not only be a new product, but would also mean the  development of a new market, one which they had not succeeded in harnessing in the past. In addition to this there were greater difficulties in terms of the production.  Unlike other snacks, these would take the development of new facilities would require the brand to have a successful and sustainable market share  to make the investment worthwhile. In deciding if this product is worth launching there are several aspects we can consider. The first step is to conduct a SWOT analysis  of the product. 2. SWOT Analysis. A SWOT analysis looks at the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats that may be faced by an industry, company, brand or product.  In this we will consider no Frito-Lay, but the brand proposed; Sun Chips. Strengths Sun Chips appears to have several strengths. The brand name that has been chosen appears  to be string, it is accepted, easy to remember and the correct association with a more health snake. It has been seen in a former product that did not gain 

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