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    This 10-page paper examines whether there is a different methodology in global management process implementation between countries. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    time. However, in doing business in different countries, companies found themselves making many mistakes, and losing money and credibility as a result. Experts have pointed out that implementing  global management processes in different countries involves different methodologies, because different countries have different markets, customs, culture, regulations and so on. Experts point out that companies that can work  within these parameters are likely to succeed better than those companies that dont understand the need for different methodologies. This paper will  determine if there is a need for difference in methodology when it comes to implementing global management processes. First, will examine the literature on the topic, then propose a  study that could perhaps shed some more light on this question about differing methodology. LITERATURE REVIEW These days, multinational companies do  more than simply export goods and services to other countries (Stanek, 2000). Most of these companies are looked upon as international, global or transnational firms (Stanek, 2000). Implementation of  any global process must take this into account -- critical capabilities need to have easy transfer between the home office and any foreign subsidiaries (Stanek, 2000). The author of these  transfers tends to be managers and leaders with a global outlook (Stanek, 2000). The book entitled Being Local Worldwide. ABB and  the Challenge of Global Management attempts to outline tension dynamics among multinational corporations that must think global while acting local (Noorderhaven, 2001). the book explains that the standard way of  thinking what comes to international business are that this forces of globalization that lead to local practices -- with multinational corporations needed to promote this particular trend (Noorderhaven, 2001). ABB, 

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