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    This 3-page paper provides a literature analysis regarding the hypothesis that members of sororities and fraternities tend to have higher GPAs than their non-Greek counterparts. The literature is mixed in this situation, however, and the paper explains in what way. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    sororities. These groups of young men and women belong to campus chapters that are generally sanctioned by a national, or sometimes international, body.  To many who exist outside the campus life experience however, the aspect of sororities and fraternities brings to mind the idea similar to something from the scene of the  cult hit movie "Animal House," in other words, fraternities and sororities consist mainly of people who drink too much and clown around too much. In fact, because of "Animal House"  and other media images, sororities and fraternities are generally regarded as mainly for partying and social groups. The reality behind the  image, however, is vastly different. In truth, students who belong to sororities and fraternities as a rule have stronger GPAs than those who dont pledge such groups. In this paper,  well examine literature that either supports or refutes this assertion. Then, based on the literature, a study methodology can be developed to better ascertain if the above hypothesis is correct  or incorrect. Its important to note that, first of all, at least in theory, fraternal organizations (i.e., fraternities and sororities) are supposed  to have higher GPAs than their non-Greek counterparts. Most of the national Pan-Hellenic organizations, in fact, place a high standard on a high grade point average, indicating that members must  maintain at least a minimum to join. On the institution side, some colleges and universities offer additional incentive as well. For example,  at San Diego State University, a fraternal chapter is required to "maintain a grade point average equal to or higher than allmens/womens semester average" (San Diego State University, 2003). In 

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