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    In ten pages questions on gang life and behavior are answered in an overview of Jody Miller's One of the Guys, Sullivan's Getting Paid, and Decker and Van Winkle's Life in the Gang. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Van Winkle in Life in the Gang . How does the research approach used by Sullivan attempt to look at both individual experiences and the social structural conditions that shape  the prospects for adolescent males in the three neighborhoods in Brooklyn? Sullivan examines the questions regarding the relationship between criminality and employment opportunities with the utilization of ethnographic and  comparative data (2). In other words, Sullivan seeks answers to questions regarding the origin of the problems in respect to crime. If employment opportunities are scant for certain neighborhoods, does  it make one more prone to crime? There is much anecdotal data on this, but it is also important to try to find substantive information and the author attempts this.  In Decker and Van Winkles Life in the Gang, the ethnographic approach is used alone and authors cite limitations of using this methodology by itself. Authors, for the most part,  seem to focus on the role of threat (Decker and Van Winkle 20). Here, much of gang activity is explained as something related to the specific possibility of threat.  Sullivans attempt to look at both individual experiences and the social structural conditions seem to be superior to Decker and Van Winkles as Sullivan takes things a step further. He  looks at males in three neighborhoods, thus enhancing the possibilities for an expanse in the outcome. The research looks at individual aspects by reviewing individual story lines. For example, Tommy  Singleton is someone whose lifestyle and behavioral pattern is discussed. Many other stories are provided. However, the research also broaches on social structural conditions as the author looks at poverty,  and how each group may be evaluated in that regard. Many other factors are discussed as well. 2. Describe the three neighborhoods that Sullivan studied. Discuss the differences 

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