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    George Anastasia's Blood and Honor Inside the Scarfo Mob

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    In seven pages the infamous Scarfo mob is discussed within the context of George Anastasia's book. There are no other sources listed.

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    the Mafia for they seem dangerous, yet powerfully connected in ways that touch us, such as in regards to family. They seem like loyal individuals, yet individuals that people should  stay away from. They are frightening and powerful and as such serve to incite many emotions, not the least of which is curiosity. Bearing such realities in mind it perhaps  comes as no surprise that one man, a very devoted and intelligent journalist, has been studying one particular Mafia family for quite some time. His name is George Anastasia and  his work is titled "Blood and Honor: Inside the Scarfo Mob." In the following paper we present a brief overview of this book. The Scarfo Mob Throughout  much of the 1970s and the 1980s one Mafia group seemed to dominate much of the countrys energy, in terms of federal attacks against the Mafia. This family, or mob,  is the Scarfo mob. In his book George Anastasia presents us with very personal and truly up-close examinations of the members within the group. At this point in time the  agents who have focused on this group have all but put this mob out of business, and as such it appears as though it is safe to present the material  that George does. There is no longer a threat that the information is valuable, or any threat that one could be harmed by giving up such information. This is perhaps  what makes Anastasias book so real and fascinating, for it is not a look at the distant past, as one would find with the examination of old gangsters, but rather  a look at our country only a few decades past as it involves the Mafia. As such his book is very relevant and timely. We find, when examining Anastasias 

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