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    German Consent and Hitler’s Rise to Power

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    A 4 page overview of the factors influencing Hitler’s rise to power. The author contends that this rise was made possible only through the common consent of the German people. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    it is commonly agreed that some of the most abhorrent political theories and actions of all time are attributed to the man we know as Adolf Hitler, it must also  be acknowledged that Hitlers rise to power occurred as a result of the common consent of the German people. This consent is particularly interesting, however, given the fact that  Hitler is now remembered as one of the worlds most ruthless tyrants. He is responsible for the establishment of the Nazi Party and the many wrongs conducted by members  of that party. Hitler and the Nazi Party would ultimately be responsible for the death of twelve million people (The Economist, 1995). These deaths included not only Jews,  but also gypsies, the mentally or physically disabled and everyone else that their perverted philosophies came to regard as inferior to the great German race (The Economist, 1995). They  are also responsible for the millions of military deaths which came about as a result of the horrors of World War II. Possibly even more frightening, however, is their  responsibility for the millions who experienced the Nazi death camps and the brutal torture and human experimentation which occurred. The question of how such a man was able to  solicit the support of his people has fascinated historians for decades. Hitler gained the common consent of the German people largely as a  result of the dire socioeconomic circumstances which those people were facing when he first entered the world arena. Many theories have been presented to explain Hitlers actions but none  truly manage to explain why those actions were so eagerly accepted by the German people as a whole, however. Perhaps the most commonly accepted theory explaining this acceptance revolves 

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