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    This 13 page paper is a sample research project that sets out to identify why Gillette has managed to remain the market leader for razor sales. The paper starts with some background, a rationale, objectives and a methodology. Secondary data and primary data and then used. The primary data is with a suggested questionnaire and example answers are given so that an analysis can be performed. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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    razors as the core product (Gillette, 2004).. The company has managed to remain successful despite many changes in the market, in 1926 talking of the main product; the safety razor,  King C. Gillette stated "there is no other article for individual use so universally known or widely distributed. In my travels, I have found it in the most northern town  in Norway and in the heart of the Sahara Desert."(Gillette, 2004). It is argued that the words would be equally as valid is spoken today. This is the company we  are going to study. 1.2 Project Rationale. To study the company and how it has managed to remain a market leader we need to look at the company and  how it is perceived by the target audience. In this way the elements of the market mix that are the strongest in terms of customer perception may be assessed to  explain how and why the company is able to remain successful. This will add value to any company seeking to market goods to the same or a similar target market.  The results may benefit Gillette themselves if seeking to increase efficiency as well as to competitors who may be able to adjust their own marketing with these influences in mind.  1.3 Objectives There is little doubt that Gillette has been a leading company for many years. The company has undertaken a great deal of product development as well as a  range of different marketing campaigns. The development of the 4 Ps; product, placement, price and promotion, are all elements of the marketing mix and may be seen as managed very  activity and adapted to meet changing market conditions. By using a theoretical knowledge of business strategy and marketing theory the aspects that give the company the greatest value from the 

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