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    Global Trade Talks and Developing Nations

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    This 14 page paper looks at the potential value of global trade talks and a reduction of trade barriers for developing economies. The potential benefits are assessed and the underlying economic theory is discussed and applied. The paper is written as a proposal with an extensive literature review and brief methodology. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

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    Factors such as geographical location hindering trade, environmental factors such as climate and the presence of malaria impacting in health(Sachs, 2006), as well as infrastructure and capital restraints as well  as asymmetry of power in trade (Crump and Maswood, 2007). There have been many strategies to help these countries develop including the use of aid; however, it may be argued  the greatest potential may be gained though the use of global trade talks. Cline (2005) has estimated that if all the global trade barriers were removed the developing countries would  make a net gain of roughly $200 billion a year in income, with 50% of this coming from the industrialised countries. The impact is estimated at having a significant impact  on the population within the developing countries, with the potential to lift 500 million people out of poverty in an estimated period of 15 years (Cline, 2005). Cline is  not alone in an optimistic outcome for the illumination of trade barriers, in a simulation undertaken by the World Bank, undertaking in 2003, the potential benefit was seen as different,  but equally impressive, with a net benefit for developing countries of increased revenue of $350 billion, and if undertaking the 2003, 140 million people by 2015 (World Bank, 2003). While  it is possible there is some over optimism is general agreement that a reduction or elimination of trade barriers on a global basis will have significant benefits for developing country;  helping them to create sustainable improvements in the economy, in a manner that aid alone will not achieve. The aim of this research is to examine the potential of global  trade negotiations resulting in a reduction or elimination of trade barriers and impact it may have on developing economies, and while it is unlikely that the best of global trade 

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