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    Graffiti Phenomenon

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    In five pages this paper considers the social role as graffiti in terms of coping as well as vandalism in reaction to frustrations, disasters, or tragedies. Nine sources are listed in the bibliography.

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    quo. To those unused to this type of express it may also create fear, with feeling of repression or anger that can lead to further actions. Moreover, it is often  undertaken in a manner that is against the local byelaws, and as such it is also a manifestation of a resistant, disregard or total defiance of authority, and it is  this aspect that may be seen as most worrying by those walking through or living by the area. When looking at graffiti to comment and understand it we need  to look at what it means in a social context, to understand the reasons for its appearance, what it symbolises. In doing this we may adjust our own attitude and  reconsider the role it has to play. Graffiti is seen as new phenomenon, manifesting in the last century, part from odd acts of daubing a slogan on a wall. However,  graffiti has been around for millennia, a visit to Hadrians Wall in the UK will show an observer roman graffiti, and even further back than this, we may argue that  cave paintings of then have a greater similarity to graffiti of today than traditional artworks (Reichert, 1999). If we see this as the case, then graffiti may be see as  one of the oldest art forms or forms of expression, dating back over 20,000 years (Reichert, 1999). Graffiti breaks many barriers, in looking at some of the images they  can be seen as creative and imaginative, drawn, or painted, by those with talent. However, as it is not confined to the traditional mediums, such as canvass and paper, and  is often painted on another persons property, without their consent, then it is simple to see how graffiti, no matter how attractive, can become vandalism, and if we are not 

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