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    Gun Control: Pros and Cons

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    5 pages in length. This is an argumentative essay on the gun control controversy. Both the pros and cons are considered. It is true that gun control in and of itself will not curb the violent streak that lives within an individual, nor will it lessen the number of violent acts committed on a daily basis. It will, however, serve to deter the level of fatalities as a result of gunshot wounds. On the other hand, gun owners are appalled by the idea that the government is trying to come between them and their Second Amendment rights. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    altogether. The answer would seem to be to have substantial restrictions, which would quickly get the problem under control altogether. Of course, the proposal of gun control does  not mean that all firearms will be confiscated from their rightful owners and no one will ever be able to purchase a gun ever again. Most Americans think the average  citizen should have the right to own a handgun, but they also want the government to regulate gun ownership, according to a nationwide poll (Lipman PG). Gun owners are appalled  by the idea that the government is trying to come between them and their Second Amendment rights. They propose that it is not their fault that a portion of  society is so irresponsible as to use firearms in violent assaults, stating that there is no such connection with the average Americans ability to properly handle and discharge a gun.  If they had it their way, this is exactly the type of misguided falsehood the NRA would have everyone believing. In truth,  it would merely mean banning guns sold to certain individuals, as well as instituting stricter regulations, such as longer waiting periods, mandatory firearm safety courses and thorough background checks.  It is a very small price to pay in order to fortify the level of safety that is so quickly plummeting in todays society (Anonymous f05).  "According to a 1983 National Institute of Justice-funded study about one percent of privately owned firearms are involved in criminal activity, suggesting that eliminating ninety-nine percent of  the nations guns would not ameliorate crime" (Kaminer 32). But it is then explained that Philip Cook, an economist at Duke University and a leading researcher on gun violence, 

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