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    Handicapped Individuals and Recreational Activities

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    In ten pages this paper examines the Salt Lake City, Utah based Special Populations Learning Outdoor Recreation and Education Program recreational activities for special needs persons and their many benefits. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    creature is one that wants to move and experience its physicality as well as experiencing the natural world and its energies. Health care professionals of all disciplines, social scientists, policy  makers, and government leaders around the world are not often in accord on issues, but they do agree that one of the best ways to improve the well-being of any  society is to improve the health of its people. That means all of its people and it means both physical and mental health. In fact, as Billings (1998) points out,  research has also shown that a number of emotional problems can be managed or even cured by physical activities such as hiking. That same research has also shown that exercise  routines that integrate the mind with the body are particularly beneficial since in many circumstances muscles may be linked to memory and emotion. This holds true for people with or  without a disabling condition. Outdoor Recreational Experiences and the Handicapped Jones (1995) begins his discussion about outdoor recreation and the handicapped by asking one simple but thought-provoking question: "What  minority can all of us join today, by accident? You know the answer. There are 35-45 million Americans with disabilities, but we are all potentially disabled" (pp. S8). The point  he goes on to make is that the vast majority of disabled people were not born with their disability and, in fact, were not disabled until they were in their  teen years or older (pp. S8). Jones also makes note of the fact that the Americans with Disabilities Act has done a great deal to increase the general publics  awareness of how many Americans have been denied access to some of the most pleasurable aspects of outdoor recreation for no better reason than they may not be able to 

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