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    This 14 page paper is based on a case study supplied by the student. Handspring have developed a new product; the Treo, hoping to gain market share and create a profit. The paper examines the financial position of the company in 2002 and then conducts a SWOT analysis. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    some headway, taking some market share to the cost of palm. However, entering a market where there is a rapid change in technology where there is a market leader that  has such a high lead as well as competing with other established companies, such as Hewlett Packard, the development of the market is difficult. To consider the case supplied by  the student we can look at the financial position of the company and then consider how it is placed in order to compete. 2. Financial Analysis The case of Handspring  shows that success and development will not always result in increasing profits. As the number of PDAs sold by the company increased by 16% the gross profits decreased from 31%  to 9% at one point, but to consider the real poison of the form we can look at financial position. The company has investors that are looking for a  profit, but as this is a high technology firm and the market phase of the product is still early the time at which profit is being made has not yet  been reached as this takes a while after a product has been launched as it gains market position. We also need to look at the figures on an annual  basis, not only on a quarterly basis in order to assess the progress. The first measure is the gross profit. The gross margin is expressed as a percentage. This  is the level of revenue that remains when all of the direct costs for producing the goods or services are deducted form the revenue. This indicates the level at which  direct costs account take up revenue. 2002 2001 2000 Revenue (a) 240,651 370,943 101,937 cost of sales (b) 205,917 292,311 69,921 Gross profit (c) (a-b) 34,734 78,632 32,016 

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