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    Harley Davidson; SWOT Analysis and Strategy

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    This 4 page paper performs a SWOT analysis of Harley Davidson, looking at the strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats. This information is then used to consider what type of strategies the company should be following. The paper is based on a case study supplied by the student.

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    a SWOT analysis we can look at the company today and consider the potential strategies that the company should follow. Strengths; Harley Davidson have many strengths. The brand name  is well known and associated with heavy bikes and innovation in bike design as the originator of the V twin engine. The quality issues of the 1950s - 1970s have  been overcome and this is a bike that is highly differentiated and now commands 70% of the heavy bike market in the US. The differentiation is not only in terms  of the design, with the different profile and make up of the frame, but also with the characteristics of the bike, the engine making a different sound as well as  the American image of the bike. The way the company operates also has some major strengths, the introduction of the materials as needed programme, a type of just in  time management technique has reduced working capital and reduced unproductive resources. The increased empowerment of the employees has increased productivity as well as increased loyalty, statistical operator control has also  added value to the production, allowing the impact pf quality issue to be seen in an holistic manner so they can be reduced. However, there are also a number of  weaknesses. Weaknesses; The company has a good reputation, but it is also operating in an environment where there is a great deal of competition seeking to take away market share,  especially if we look to the European market, where the image of an American bike may not be as popular as with the buyers in the United States. This  high level of competition and the supply of many alterative has placed a downward pressure on prices, and despite the high level of differentiation, the one competitive advantage that Harley 

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