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    Harvard Case Study: Lenor Refill Package

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    A 12 page paper discussing a Harvard Case supplied by the student. Proctor & Gamble have a fabric softener called Lenor in Europe (it is the equivalent of Downy in the U.S.). Sales have declined due to consumers' concerns for the environment, including land fill waste. The writer discusses the issues being faced by P & G and the options to increase sales again. There are three alternatives given in terms of the product and then two alternatives in terms of packaging. These are discussed along with specific questions regarding the case. 1 illustration included. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    with the product: it is not 100% biodegradable and the container is not environmentally friendly. The company needs to 1.) increase sales; 2.) decide which form of the product  they will market aggressively; 3.) decide which type of packaging to use. 2. Preview Strategic ideas to underlie recommendation and actions supporting strategic idea. There are three choices being  presented in terms of the product: 1.) leave everything as it is, which means a 4-liter container of Lenor plus a 3:1 concentrated 1-liter form; 2.) re-emphasize the 3:1 liter  concentrate in marketing; 3.) a new 4:1 concentrated form. There are two packaging ideas for the concentrated forms: 1.) waxed cardboard that resembles a milk carton or 2.) the  doypack, which is like the single fruit juice packages. The company needs to satisfy the consumer in terms of the product itself and also to take action to protect  the environment. To meet the objectives, P & G needs to change the packaging for the concentrate from the plastic container to one of the two new packaging ideas and  they need to determine which form of Lenor to aggressively market. In terms of the environment, the logical choice is the 4:1 concentrated form and the waxed cardboard package because  it will be more widely accepted by consumers. C. Specific Questions to answer. 1. Is P & G overreacting to environmental threat? No company can overreact to  the environmental threat posed by their products. The information supports the fact that at the time of this discussion, Lenor was not completely biodegradable. Furthermore, surveys had revealed that the  majority of West Germans were very concerned about their environment and the effects of different products. Even politics was affected by environmental concerns with the Green Party becoming ever more 

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