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    Hedonism, Consumerism, and Xenophobia in Race Matters by Cornel West

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    In five pages the argument West makes in his text that the obstacles to racial progress are hedonism, consumerism, and xenophobia is discussed. There are no other sources listed.

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    positive racial progress. The manner by which these three elements have a negative impact upon racial progress is, indeed, clear and can readily be witnessed in everyday society.  Fear runs rampant between and among racial communities, often for no other reason than ignorance of the truth, illustrating Wests contention that xenophobia continues to play an integral role in  racial segregation. Consumerism, ever since its appearance in the latter part of the nineteenth century, has cultivated myriad hateful qualities that have served humanity no good purpose; one of  the most instrumental is that of racial partition. And while hedonism might appear to represent one of lifes most beneficial aspects, it actually perpetuates the separation between and among  races. Humanitys constant quest for change is indicative of consumerism representing the curse of modernity. The vicious cycle that exists within the  framework of consumerism - the perpetual wanting of more and more materialistic tangibles until there is nothing left to appreciate -- resides within each and every person; it is a  social ill that grows worse with each passing generation. West implies that consumerisms negative influence upon modernity exemplifies the ongoing quest for betterment through a quest for change that  often does not occur. A particularly favorite socially psychological marketing tactic that myriad companies employ to help generate interest in and sales of their products is that of the  racial partition. It has been a long-standing presumption that consumers are more inclined to purchase a product if their own race is advertising it. Inasmuch as this is  a complete misnomer, studies have been conducted to prove that the racial identity had little to nothing to do with whether or not the advertising campaign was effective in selling 

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