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    Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Proposal

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    A 5 page discussion of the problems currently facing our health care system. This paper outlines presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s proposal for addressing those problems. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    than any other in regard to the healthcare proposals that are being bantered about. The Democrats and the Republicans alike all proclaim that they want a better and more  efficient health care system. Not only does each political party have a different view of how to go about accomplishing those changes, so too does practically every individual candidate.  Hillary Clintons views on health care are, perhaps, the most defined of the many candidates because of her previous roles in the Bill Clinton Administration in the oval office  and in the Arkansas Governors office. As First Lady of both Arkansas and the U.S., Clinton was very much in the public eye. She took full advantage of  that position in trying to leverage changes in the health care system. In some respects she was successful but in others she was a miserable flop. Her accomplishments  and goals have been heralded by many and they have been criticized by many more. The same can be said today of her healthcare proposals today as she campaigns  for President of the United States. Clintons most recent proposal for healthcare reform is the American Health Choices Plan.  In it she addresses costs and quality and hits on topics such as long term care, cancer, autism, and HIV/Aids. Clinton also presents an agenda for reproductive health care  and addresses the many problems facing our growing senior population. In many respects Clintons plan is worthy of praise. It gives choices where there were none previously.  Indeed, in the past there have been few choices for most Americans in terms of securing health care. This is particularly so since 

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