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    This 5 page paper provides an overview of the historical method of research. This paper integrates the view of the historical method of research for the question: How were new teachers prepared for the classroom twenty years ago in comparison with the way new teachers are prepared today? This paper focuses on the methodology for this kind of research method for this topic. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    the methodology for this kind of research method for this topic. Bibliography lists 10 sources. MHhismet.rtf Historical Method of Research Written for The Paper  Store, Inc. by 10/2001 Please The following is one way that the student can introduce this topic: The historical  research method can be used to reflect research of the past, historical viewpoints, or a comparative view of events in two different eras. Historical research, or the creation of  a historiography, is often used to demonstrate a comparative view of the past and present. This kind of research method, then, is qualitative and focuses on existing bodies of  literature as a basis for this comparison. A historical research method, then, is beneficial for considering a comparison of educational training and preparation in the past and present.  Statement of the Problem Educational theorists have recognized that variations exist in the training and preparation of educators. Some have argued that educational preparation has increased  in recent years, while others argue that educators just two decades ago demonstrated a greater level of professional preparation and commitment than educators in the modern era. Norton  (1997), for example, has argued that teacher education programs have changed in recent years, in correlation with major demographic changes and the transformation of the educational communities in the past  two decades. Norton argues: "Equipped with repertoires of specific teaching skills, many teachers have been unprepared to adapt their instructional behaviors and materials to meet the challenges of  todays diverse student populations....Low student achievement and pervasive teacher frustration are logical consequences of this incongruity between teacher and context" (Norton, 1997, p. 410). The challenges for the 

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