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    Historical Perspective on Hiroshima

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    In eleven pages this paper provides a comparative historical perspective upon the atomic bombing of Hiroshima at the time and then five decades afterward. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    an insurance policy they may never use or an item from a high pressure salesman because it sounds good at the time. They go about their daily lives, watch the  news, wonder about the potential war in the Middle East, but rarely think of the devastation caused by military actions. They may say "We need the oil," or that if  we do not get "them" first, we will perish. Many of the people who contemplate the impending war are not of the World War II generation. Some are, of course,  and remember what happened when the U.S. dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, but many are much younger and have only known relative peace. Of course, there had been bias then  too. There was a rallying of support for the U.S. and is was only after many years had passed and new documents were available to the public that the  truth came out. Just as in Gulf War days people believed that little children were being thrown out of hospitals, there is always some propaganda during times of war. It  takes journalists plunging through papers, gathering new information, uncovering things which were hidden, that forces truth out. Hence, when evaluating Hiroshima and what really happened, there are different perspectives to  emanate. When one looks at information from the decade and when one looks at information to come out about fifty years later, there are fundamental differences. In reviewing contemporary assessments  against later historical analyses, one sees a change in ideas. It was not that Hiroshima was taken lightly in the forties, but people lived through it. They survived. The economy  had been better than it had in quite awhile and there was a sense of shock in some way. They admitted to complacency before the bomb was dropped, and fifty 

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