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    History Since Colonial Times and Differences in Ethnicity and Race

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    In five pages this paper discusses how races and ethnicities evolved throughout history since the colonial times. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    With the British colonization of the "New World" a brand new sociological experiment began. This experiment involved the mixing of peoples from different racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds in  an environment where there were no hard and fast rules as to how these people should interrelate. While the colonists in the "New World" shared certain ideological values, there  were also sectional differences and the differences would translate into ethnic and racial tensions which persist, to a large degree, even today. In many ways these differences would affect  the course of history itself. Approximately one million immigrants, for example, came to the U.S. during colonial times. Most were from England.  They helped establish the status quo in the "New World". We adopted their language and their culture. Others arrived also; the Dutch, the French, the Germans, the  Scotch-Irish; and from each we took part of their culture and assimilated it into our own (Takaki, 1994). These were voluntary immigrants to the U.S., they took and gave  freely of our culture and theirs. Another immigrant to the United States, often not though of as such, was the black  slaves from Africa. They too had distinctive cultures, and although they were brought here against there will they also exchanged bits and pieces of their culture and ours.  By 1776, the year we declared ourselves independent from Great Britain, more than two-fifths of our population was made up of people with non-English origins.  Each of these peoples had unique experiences in the United States upon their arrival and throughout the remainder of the years which would follow. 

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