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    Horatian Satire Versus Juvenalian Satire:

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    This 17 page paper discusses the differences between these two types of satire. Specifically, Pope's "Rape of the Lock" and Swift's "A Modest Proposal" are examined as examples of these types of satire. Bibligraphy lists 10 sources.

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    and Swift, respectively. These works epitomize these styles of satire and evoke the characteristic traits of each within their messages. Popes work is of the Horatian style, and  as such tends to be milder satire with a gentler presentation. Swift on the other hand epitomizes the Juvenalian style, and therefore his work tends to be more biting  and strong, delivered with less finesse than Pope. Clearly these works are important in the sense that they typify that upon which satire is based, and are excellent examples  of the specific styles most emulated. Reading and critiquing these works sheds light on a very important subject and allows  readers to learn to distinguish between the two very distinct forms of satire. These stories highlight for readers the unique and obvious variances between Horatian and Juvenelian satire and  further allows for interpretations to be made based upon these understandings. In other words, when one is aware of the premise of each type of satire, one is better  able to make assumptions about the intent of the author in relation to the purpose of the story. In this  way, this scrutiny becomes a very valuable tool for literature. After reading these two stories and comparing and contrasting them in terms of the satirical influences, the end result  is a much more crisp view of each and how to recognize such traits in other literary works as well. Satire and the Difference Between the Horatian and Juvenalian  Versions The word satire itself derives from the Latin word satira, which means "medley" (Landow, 2003). Satire is the "term applied 

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