• How Can A Drop in Centre for the Homeless Meet the Needs of the Homeless and the Community; A Research Proposal

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    This 8 page paper is a research proposal to examine a project that will determine how a drop in centre can be set up to help the homeless and meet the needs of the local community. The paper outlines the aims, the reseach questions, gives an in-depth methodology and considers the practicalities. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    drop in centre for the homeless in a small town where there are only very limited existing facilities, with no day time facilities. There is usually little argument from any  quarter that those who are homeless, and may also have associated problems such as substance additions, need help. The problem is knowing the best way to help and satisfying  the need to help with the need to reduce the social problems that are caused for local residents. If resources are to be used to provide a solution it is  important to assess if the solution will work and how the results may be maximised. The purpose of this study is to explore the way in which a drop  in centre would impact on the homeless and help them as well as the impact on the local community and to make recommendation that balance the needs of both stakeholder  groups. 2. The focus of the reseach study The focus of the reseach will be to assess the benefits for the primary stakeholder group; the homeless, looking at whether the  drop in centre will meet the needs of the homeless and help them get back on their feet. The focuses will be on the way this can be achieved without  alienating the local communities. 3. The reseach questions Exploratory reseach may have more than a single question. To give the reseach direction we need to specify exactly what we want  to find out. The first will be to find out what it is that homeless people need to help get them back on their feet and find homes. The next  question will be if and how a drop in centre might be able to provide that help. The third question will be to determine what help is needed to help 

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