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    How Financial Aid Impacts Hispanic Students at Community Colleges and Affects Persistence from Year One to Year Two

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    This 24 page paper examines a variety of data regarding financial aid, the Hispanic community, and community college education to draw conclusions about the present topic. Methodology is explored. Interviews are suggested. An analysis of the data is included along with a conclusion. Bibliography lists 12 sources.

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    Score accentuates not only the pressure that high school students are under, but also the rat race that is the higher education maze. Even when students have done well, competition  is fierce and school is expensive. Many students just give up. Those who have not fared well in high school have few options. While the "best and the brightest," or  the high achievers can compete for seats in the best collegiate classrooms in America, those who have not done so well can only enter open admissions colleges or very expensive  private schools with few academic requirements. One has to wonder just what the purpose of going to a mediocre academy is today, particularly when a school only offers associate degrees.  Today, a bachelors degree is usually an entry level requirement in many fields. Also, the odds of doing well in life seem to decrease substantially if one does not get  into a top university. Part of the problem of getting into college, and completing a stint, is that students come from a variety of high schools. Despite the compelling  changes brought by Brown v. Board of Education, facilities are not the same. The idea that separate but equal is a misnomer is accentuate by the way in which students  are admitted to college. Higher level institutions rate high schools and so they will look at class rank and in some way snub a school because of its lack of  resources. In a sense, this seems unfair but it is a way for colleges to level the playing field. If someone has achieved an A at a less qualified high  school than another, it did not take the same amount of input as it did for students attending the better school. Thus, colleges may take the top 25% of a 

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