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    How Should RyanAir Develop Future Strategy in A Global Market

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    This 47 page paper is the beginning of a dissertation, with literature review and methodology, to examine and determine what the future strategy of the Irish low cost airline RyanAir, the main competitor of EasyJet, should adopt in the global airline industry. The paper examines the background of the airline industry, looking at the general environment and the model follow cost airlines developed by Southwest. The company and its performance is considered and compared with similar companies as well as traditional companies such as British Airways. The paper then looks at the generic types of strategies that could be adopted before outlining a brief methodology for primary research. The bibliography cites 50 sources.

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    2.2.1 Performance of RyanAir Compared to Others in the Industry 22 2.2.2 Financial Performance 26 2.2.3 How Traditional Airlines Have Responded 27 2.3 Strategic Approaches 30 2.3.1 Emergent and Classical Strategy 30 2.3.2 Competitive Advantage 34 2.3.3 Internationalisation Strategies; Yips Theory 43 3. METHODOLOGY 46 REFERENCES 48  1. Introduction The commercial world is changing, events everyday will have an impact on the operations which in turn reflect the way the business or industry is perceived  and the way the company needs to compete in a dynamic environment. All industries have benefited from developments such as communication and information technology which have been the drivers of  globalization. In response companies have or determine whether they will embrace his globalisation and seek international markets or remain in a niche national or local market. For airlines the market  itself determined the need for international trade. However, there are still options, whether to stay regional ort to enter into the global market and strategic alliances or agreement with other  carriers. The airline industry, to date, has been divided into two main market, the main stream carriers, such as British Airways, American Airlines, Qantas and Air France. It is  this group that the national flag carriers compete in, but there are also many other companies that still compete across the continents, but with a limited offering such as Virgin  Atlantic. The second group of airlines are the low cost airlines, these have, for the most part been limited to regional markets, in the US there was the first company  to follow this model; Southwest, in Europe there have been many, such Ryanair, EasyJet and BMI Baby, the same model of low cost airline sis seen in all continents.  The pressure these companies place on the market has lowered the average fares and now, despite the perception of very different markets, they are still competing for many of the 

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