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    Human Body and the Impact of Carbide

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    In five pages respiratory problems and asthma are among the topics discussed in this examination of how the body is affected by carbide. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    the suits that erupt from such investigations are frivolous, there are others that have merits. Things are found. It is known that radon for example can cause problems as can  asbestos and paint chips. Not everything is an alarmist reaction as there are real consequences for chemical exposure. Another serious concern is the effects that metals have on the human  body. While many people are never exposed to dangerous metals, certain people in occupations are more likely than not to become ill due to problems these metals cause. For example,  tungsten carbide grinders are said to have a greater chance of getting what is called occupational asthma ("Asthma" PG). The problem is pertinent to the exposure to hard metal in  general. Hard metal is actually a metal matrix that consists of cobalt metal and tungsten carbide particles and may also include other metals such as titanium, molybdenum, or  chromium (Kelleher, Pacheco and Newman 685). Why are such metals used anyway? They are rather desirable for applications in the aircraft, automobile, and electrical industries due to their great  strength and resistance to oxidation (685). Their hardness increases with temperature and so also makes such a composite suitable for use in a variety of items; these include saws,  cutters, drilling bits, grinding wheels, and high-speed dental drills (685). Many people do not come into contact with this metal, but for those who must use it routinely for work,  problems may arise. During the early part of the 1990s, Teschke, Kennedy and Chessor conducted a British Columbia study (Teschke et al. PG). The concerns that prompted the  investigation were in respect to nasal and upper respiratory problems (PG). At around the same time, it was learned about four saw grinders in a Washington manufacturing plant 

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