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    A 48 page paper presenting a comprehensive overview of human trafficking, particularly of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation. The introduction provides a general overview and insight into the extent of this crime. Human trafficking is reported to be the third most profitable illegal business in the world. The second section of the paper offers a feminist perspective on trafficking of women and girls into prostitution. Data include numbers from many different regions in the world. Estimates run as high as 2 million women and girls trafficked every year. Data support the premise that human trafficking is a gendered business, a backlash against feminism, according to one well-known author. The impact of globalization on sex trafficking is then explored. Countries are categorized as origin points, transition points or destination points. The classifications of numerous countries are reported, some of which fit into all three categories. International and national laws and agreements regarding human trafficking and particularly sex trafficking are reported in the next section. Two case studies are then reported: Ukraine and the Philippines. A summary and conclusions end the essay. Bibliography lists 50 sources.

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    threats, intimidation, and violence to break their victims will and resistance."1 It is important at this time to distinguish between smuggling and trafficking because they overlap. The United Nations (UN)  protocol explains that people smuggling is "the procurement, in order to obtain, directly or indirectly, a financial or other material benefit, of the illegal entry of a person into a  State Party of which the person is not a national or a permanent resident."2 Human trafficking, by contrast, is both the transportation and the exploitation of those persons taken or  lured to them.3 Both are crimes, both hurt their victims but trafficking is the more heinous crimes because of the exploitation. Even with these definitions, there is a  debate with some commentators arguing that smuggled persons are often subjected to abuse and are also exploited during and after transporting them..4 This is a huge business and it  is worldwide. In fact, researching the topic leaves one to wonder if any country is free from human traffickers. Consider these headlines/lead sentences: * Government Sets Up Agency to Tackle  Human Trafficking (in Africa).5 * China announced a crackdown on human trafficking.6 * Nigeria and Italy have signed an agreement to cooperate in combating human trafficking under the auspices of  the United Nations.7 * One of the areas of the world where trafficking is growing fastest is the former Soviet Union.8 * Thailand and Australia . . . signed a  memorandum . . . to improve their cooperation on combating human trafficking in the region.9 * The Brazilian government will put into effect . . . a program to  fight the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation.10 * Japan and Australia agree to try to prevent human trafficking in the Asia-Pacific region.11 * The 2003 Trafficking in Persons Report 

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