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    A 7 page paper presenting a mission statement, SWOT and long- and short-term goals for an individual, the CEO and sole individual comprising I Am, Inc. There is no apparent reason that I Am, Inc. cannot achieve the broad goals stated in the paper. As is the case with any other plans, they will not execute themselves. The CEO will need to pay close attention to progress and ensure that the long-term schedule receives more than only passing acknowledgement. No sources listed.

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    clich?s because of the truth they hold. One fitting into this category is the old favorite of sales trainers and salespeople: "People dont plan to fail, they fail  to plan." Toward this end - or rather the avoidance of it - the purpose here is to develop a ten-year personal strategic  plan. This plan is to be a comprehensive one that addresses not only business and professional goals, but also those that include personal and learning success. Mission Statement  It is the mission of I Am, Inc. to develop success in both business and personal development. "Success" is defined as (1) gathering  financial resources sufficient for funding a comfortable lifestyle while also giving to others; (2) enjoying close family and friends relationships gratifying for all involved; and (3) donating time and energy  to the local community. Goals and Objectives These goals include mid-range goals as well. Operational definitions used in this section are: *  Long term: 5 - 10 years * Mid-range: 2 - 5 years * Short term: within two years Long-Term Goals * Secure a position teaching at the university  level in a discipline focused on business ethics, sustainability and innovative creativity. * Develop another business that other family members can be involved in, and one that can assist in  achieving financial goals. * Retire all personal debt. * Purchase at least 25 acres of land and build a mini-farm on it. * Secure health insurance in some form, whether  as an individual or through an employer. Short-Term Goals * Complete PhD degree before the end of 2006. * De-clutter life, surroundings and thought processes. * Volunteer with some of 

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