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    This 5 page paper argues for childcare for children of immigrants. Figures and facts included in the proposal.Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    and embrace the unknown. Many will never return to their own homelands because of war, unfavorable political situations, or economic hardships. Whatever their reason for coming, come they do. Many  of those who come to American shores are the children of immigrant families. What of them? When the figures are being crunched do these smallest citizens receive notice or aid?  One might arguably state that these children are where the very hope rests for their families. In fact, the education and opportunities offered to these children will insure that the  first generation in America will embrace and understand its way of life and culture. Present the young child with circumstances which include poverty, illiteracy and violence, and the outlook grows  bleaker. What sorts of citizens are being produced in these situations? WHERE WE ARE NOW One of the main reasons that Women in Development was created was because logically any  community which only utilizes half of its workforce is not being efficient. The community, however, which utilizes all of its available sources, including human resources, has a greater percentage of  economic success. However, this policy also realizes that the primary care of young children will fall to women and as such they have tailored the workforce for women to include  childcare provisions. Women in Development programs stress immediate job placement as well as training and education. During the last decade, the critical role of women in the development process has  increasingly been recognized, and as such WID seeks to encourage womens participation, not only as beneficiaries, but as active participants on every level, including decision making. Women in Development  has as its main goal that of empowering women and raising the status of women in areas where they are oppressed and denied the chance of determining their own fate 

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