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    Impact Of World Trade Organization On Turkish Textile Industry

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    This 40 page paper looks at the issues faced by Turkey and is an in-depth proposal for a paper to consider how Turkey can deal with the changes that will be seen within the textile industry as a result of the elimination of quotas under the multi-fiber agreement (MFA) as a result of the WTO rulings. Turkey is facing potential gains, but also threats, especially from China. This paper looks at the aims of the research, the rationale for the research, performs an in-depth literature review and a methodology. The bibliography cites 28 sources.

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    4.2 The World Trade Organization 12 4.2.1 The Impact of China Joining the WTO 19 4.3 Quota Changes 28 4.3.1 The Impact of China Since the Quota Restrictions were lifted by the WTO 30 4.3.2 Turkeys Response to the  Threat 31 5. METHODOLOGY 33 5.1 Research Focus 33 5.2 The Methodological Framework and Analysis 34 6. REQUIRED RESOURCES 39 7. EXPECTED RESULTS 39 8. CONCLUSION 40 REFERENCES 42 1. Introduction Textiles and apparel are the major exports of Turkey. As  such they are extremely important to the well-being of the country and the economic structure of the country. Turkey is not a wealthy country; the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per  capita in 2004 was only US $7,000, compared to the UK of US $29,600 and US of $40,700 (CIA, 2005). In addition to this 20% of citizens living below the  poverty line (CIA, 2005). The desire to see increased economic growth and stability has seen many changes take place in Turkey over the last few decades, the desire to  join the EU and the special trading status, as well as the increased attention to world trade though political stability are all issues that have encouraged the increase sales of  textile goods. However, Turkey does not operate in a vacuum, as well as accessing increased opportunities for the textile industry; this increased international trade is also exposing the country to  a number of threats. The desire to join the EU may have provided some protection, but the political moves are being stalled due to many divergent views of existing  members. In the mean time there is also an increasing power of other trade Organization s that are being used by competing countries in similar ways, in the North America  there is NAFTA, and globally there is the World Trade Organization (WTO). Turkey is already a member of the WTO but with changes, such as China joining the WTO 

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