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    Implementation and Evaluation for a Fall Intervention Strategy

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    This 6 page paper presents an implementation and evaluation plan for the introduction of a strategy to reduce falls in a home care agency. The paper follows on from the proposal and summarizes the resources needed and implementation stages as well as the way the implementation may be evaluated. The bibliography cotes 6 sources.

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    design of individualized intervention strategies will require authorization from the senior management in order to gain the support and the resources needed for the strategy to be successful. The plan  will require the input of the healthcare staff who are working directly with the clients along with support from the IT department and the clinical supervision team and the allocated  lead educator. The healthcare workers; including nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare providers who will be implementing the strategy, will need to be introduced to the new scheme and receive training  on the way it will be implemented, which may also include re-education on the on the new processes and standards. Resources The main resources required fro the implementation  of the strategy are already within the organization. The initial assessment will be undertaken using the existing patient records in order to identify those patients at the greatest risk so  their individual assessment may be prioritized. The existing IT system will aid with this process, particularly the electronic patient records (Nemeth et al, 2008). To achieve this there will need  to be the installation and maintenance of software that can undertake the assessments by taking data from the existing system, there will also need to be training of clinical staff  to run the program along with an alert system so that the healthcare workers of the individuals identified are alerted to their status. The design and implementation of the software  has an estimated cost of $20,0001. The ongoing maintenance of the system will be incorporated with the general IT maintenance with only minimal costs attached to the maintenance.  The healthcare workers will require the knowledge and skills to use the system and to implement that strategy supported by the system. This will include training regarding the assessment tools, 

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