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    Implementing Changes : A Case Study

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    A 19 page paper. The owner of a successful garden center retires and his son takes over. The son plans to make dramatic changes to the business that include changing the product line from plants and other gardening necessities to a more diversified stock of merchandise. The son is also considering changing the organizational structure of the business. The case study presents the existing situation, focusing on teamworking, employee motivation and occupational stress. The writer analyses the conditions and comments on mistakes being made. The second part of the paper discusses theoretical foundations and best practices in each of the three focal areas, comments on the disparity between what is actually happening and best practices and makes recommendations. Bibliography lists 16 sources.

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    degree in business management. Tom wants to make very dramatic changes in the company, not the least of which is expanding and diversifying. He intends to change the name to  Home and Garden Centre to reflect the greater diversity of merchandise offered. As these potential changes filter down to employees through the gossip mill, they become concerned about their job  security, the programs John instituted for employees and the reputation the company has had across the nation. Tom gives each manager, including his new human resource manager and marketing  manager specific projects and reports to complete. For example, Tom wants the new human resource manager to develop a report addressing changing the organizational structure to include teamworking and cross-training.  Change always brings about anxiety in employees and in this case, morale has dropped, motivation has plummeted and stress has soared. This case study addresses first the situation  as it exists in the company bringing in the literature to support the writers comments. Secondly, the report provides the theoretical foundations for three issues: teamworking, employee motivation and occupational  stress. Best practice is compared to the existing conditions and suggestions are made as to what the company needs to do in each area. Analysis of Current Situation  Scenario: When his father retired, Tom Green took over as managing director of the Garden Centre, a successful company that specialized in climbing plants but that provided an array of  garden products and horticultural services. Tom decided to expand and diversify the business beyond just garden products and services to include a vast and diverse assortment of products. Tom also  decided to change the business name to the Home and Garden Centre to reflect the different merchandise to be stocked. The company employed a Company accountant and an Administration Manager, 

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