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    Implementing a Plan to Reduce Costs Associated with the Provision of Oxygen within a Healthcare Organization without Impacting on the Quality of Patient Care

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    This 71 page paper is a paper regarding a project undertaken to reduce the cost of oxygen supply for a hospital or other healthcare organization. The paper starts with an introduction, including a justification for the study and aims and objectives, and then moves on an in-depth literature review looking at the way in which cost savings may be made. The principle approach to cost reduction is through supply chain and inventory management as well as a reduction in wastage. After identifying a suitable change that may provide savings, different ways in which a change could be introduced are assessed and a suitable change model is identified. The paper then goes on to describe the change, how it was implemented and assesses the results. The bibliography cites 36 sources. This paper is the 2nd paper of a set of 3, the 1st is the research proposal (file name TEoxygensavep.rtf), the 3rd is a reflective learning document (file name TEoxygensaver.rtf).

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    papers, the first paper is the proposal for the study, the last paper is the reflective learning documents undertaken in line with Gibbs reflective learning cycle. Table of Contents  Abstract 3 1. Introduction 6 1.1 Aims and Objectives 7 1.2 Justification of the Study 8 1.3 Constraints 9 1.4 Summary 9 2. Literature Review 10 2.1 Inventory Management 10 2.1.1 Basic Approaches 12 2.1.2 The Concept of EOQ 14 2.1.3 Calculating EOQ 16 Figure 1 Inventory holding pattern. 16 Figure  2 Finding the EOQ 20 2.1.4 Application of EOQ 22 Figure 3 EOQ Example 23 2.1.5 Variations on EOQ 23 2.2 Reducing Wastage 25 2.2.1 Assessing Medical Need 26 2.2.2 Wastage Management 29 2.3 Summary 31 3. Methods 34 3.1 Change Approaches 34 3.2 Potential Change Models 39 3.2.1 Lewins  Change Model 40 Figure 4 Force field analysis 40 3.2.2 Margerison and Smith Model 43 3.2.3 HSE Model 45 3.3 The Plan 46 3.4 The Change Process 47 3.4.1 Unfreezing/Initiation and Planning 47 3.4.2 Implementation 53 3.4.3 Refreezing/Mainstreaming 55 3.5 Summary 55 4. Evaluation 57 4.1 Focus Groups 57 4.2 Inventory Use Assessment 59  4.3 Cost Saving Assessment 59 Table 1 Example of cost saving assessment 60 4.4 Outcomes of Change 61 4.5 Summary 62 5. Discussion 63 5.1 Strengths and Weaknesses 63 5.2 Implications 64 5.3 Constraints 65 5.4 Recommendations for Future Development 66 5.4 Conclusion 68 6. Reflections on Project 69 References 72 Appendix  1 Impact Statement 75 Appendix 2 SWOT Analysis 79  Abstract The paper presents a project for implementing and evaluating a change within a health organization to reduce  the costs associated with the provision of an essential resource; oxygen, without incurring any changes in the level of quality of service that is delivered to the patient. The paper  presents a multi-dimension approach to reduce costs in a number of ways, including the way in which ordering and inventory management takes place as well as utilizing a strategy to  reduce the level of wastage in terms of use and delivery of oxygen within the healthcare setting, and minimizing the potential for overprescription. The strategy proposed includes utilizing a change 

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