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    In Support of the U.S. Electoral College

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    In seven pages this paper discusses why the U.S. electoral college is necessary. Nine sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    friends and family was going to vote for the same candidate, as were many others around the country if public polls warrant any worthiness about the popular vote. Jim  and Julie eagerly awaited the newscast that would inform them of the nations new president; however, this anticipation was met with much disappointment when the news finally broke. As  it turns out, their presidential pick had won by popular vote yet lost by electoral vote. The presidential race may have been close between the two candidates, but there  was no question that if the Electoral College did not exists, their chosen candidate would have won by popular vote. The United  States is fighting hard to uphold its sense of democratic application when it comes to political voting. Even so, the general public has become nonplused by fancy talk and  little action from a string of past political leaders; as a direct result, American voters have not been turning out in droves when time comes to vote - until the  presidential election of 2000, that is. Part of that might be blamed upon apathetic attitudes, a percentage that exists in most every political campaign; however, there is much more  underlying this blatant abstinence when it comes to voter turnout. One might readily argue that the very nature of the Electoral College carries more than just a little of  the blame (Lewis PG). Indeed, no one is immune from the current problems that have occurred as a direct result of the Electoral  College style of electing a president. If left up to the popular vote alone, one might readily surmise that the campaign approaches might also differ from those of past 

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