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    Inadequacies of the New World Order

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    This 5 page paper points out problems with globalization and explains the difference between globalization and interdependence. World powers and other organizations are blamed for stifling development of third world countries. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    A Source Inadequacies of the New World Order By Anastasia, for - March, 2000   paper properly! In looking at the new world order, one is compelled to assess the roles of the major  global actors , such as larger first world states, as well as IGOs and NGOs, organizations and entities which are supposed to be helpful to developing countries. The question which  one must ask is whether or not things are working. Are the existing international institutional frameworks, which are in place, actually helping the poorer nations? In assessing the question, many  things come up. For example, interdependence still plays a role in todays global economy. Renickes model considers what he describes a "sweeping, radical transformation" in a world that has gone  from economic interdependence to globalization (Senser PG). He makes a distinction between the two, defining interdependence as a quantitative intensification of international commerce, a trend reminiscent of the 1960s (PG).He  contends that since that time period, the world economy has undergone a qualitative transformation involving both enormous growth in trade and investment and a vast expansion of corporations across national  borders (PG). It is this latter observation which is most important (PG). Clearly, this author distinguishes between a healthy interdependence between countries and one where large conglomerates essentially hold villages  hostage. The essential question then, in assessing whether or not existing international institutional frameworks are working, may be answered by looking at the results of globalization. How are third world  countries faring in a world that purports to be helping through economic influence by larger countries as well as organizations created to meet their needs? The answer is rather disappointing. 

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