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    Increased powers of private security firms

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    A paper which considers the use of the private security industry in court proceedings and prisoner escorting, and the objections raised by the police to the increase in enforcement powers which the industry is expected to receive. Bibliography lists 7 sources

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    details of the way that the increasing of enforcement powers of private security firms has been perceived by the government, the police and the private security industry itself, it is  perhaps useful to look briefly at the overall framework within which the industry exists in Britain, and the social and political context in which private security co-exists with more formal  methods of law enforcement.  It is evident, for example, that the very existence of private security firms exemplifies the way in which social control in general, and policing in particular, have changed over the  past few decades. Whereas previously the various agencies involved in social control and community relations tended to be separate from one another - welfare agencies as distinct from law enforcement,  for example - there is an increasing trend for social policies to emphasise interaction and liaison between the various bodies, as well as drawing on both the public and private  sectors rather than relying solely on state provision. Whilst this is in part the result of a much greater degree of networking in governance, it also reflects changing perspectives on  law enforcement in general: the role of the police has changed and developed considerably in the past twenty years, and part of that development has included an acknowledgement that police  resources alone cannot deal effectively with the requirements placed upon them.  The police force has moved from focusing on high arrest rates as a form of deterrence towards greater interaction with the community, partly because of the need 

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