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    7 pages in length. This is a paper assessing one's own personal style of leadership. The topics include introduction and mission statement, SWOT analysis, a leadership theory which is the personal best for the writer, as well as those theories that are less preferable. Also lists recommendations to become a better leader. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    assignment: INTRODUCTION AND MISSION STATEMENT Situational leadership recognizes that the best managers are those who know when to lead by consensus but are also confident in making decisive, independent decisions  whenever and wherever appropriate. Under situational leadership, managers adapt their leadership and decision making styles to the situation, the time, and the people involved. The writers mission statement  within this perspective is that by using situational leadership in an effective manner (the student) will minimize organizational conflict in the work place. PERSONAL ANALYSIS (The student  will want to insert a personal analysis herein that fits more appropriately. This is an example of what could be said): An analysis of my personality, traits behaviors,  attitudes and perceptions as perceived not only by myself but by others around me shows that I am too quick to judge at times and critical of others work.  Instead of seeking perfection from others as I seek it in myself, I should be less judgemental of others and work on motivating them instead of criticizing. A  good point I find is that I am able to take control of a group easily, and am a natural leader. While I am critical and seek perfection, at  the same time I am a leader who tries to work with the entire group so that the dynamics flow together rather than individually. ANALYSIS OF LEADERSHIP THEORY Conflict  has been described as the process which begins when one party perceives that the other has frustrated, or is about to frustrate, some concern of his or hers. The  meaning of concerns in this case are the needs, wants and values of an individual. Therefore, conflict situations might arise when the needs, wants and values of two parties 

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