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    Information Technology and Information Systems Environmental Influences, Development and Implementation

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    This 29 consider the development and implementation of IT and IS. The paper stars with an in-depth analysis looking a the development and influences of political, economies social and technological factors. The paper then considers how IT and IS has emerged in different sectors, using government and banking sectors in Hong Kong as examples. The paper then loos at the use of consequence analysis along with had systems methodology and soft systems methodology before finishing with a refection. The bibliography cites 22 sources.

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    2.2.2 Banking 20 3. IMPACT ON IS STRATEGY 22 3.1 Consequence Analysis 22 3.2 Planning Methodologies 24 3.2.1 Hard Systems Methodology 24 3.2.2 Soft Systems Methodology 26 4. REFLECTION 29 REFERENCES 30 APPENDIX 1 32  1. Introduction Advances in information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) have been at an astounding rate over the last two decades. The development in terms of technological ability  has often been in advance of cultural acceptance and adoption periods have varied. Some technology has been embraced and absorbed with a high degree of acceptance, such as faster processors  and better networking technology. Other technology, which is more groundbreaking or divergent when compared to existing knowledge and social acceptance, such as the use of the features in 3G mobile  technology, may take longer to adopt. In this paper we will look at a range of factors that impact on the way technology develops and how it is adopted,  looking first at the external environment and then considering the role and value of different IT strategies. The paper will then finish with a reflection. 2. External Environment  Then external environment will impact on the pace and type of developments that take place as well as the way in which IT and IS are accepted and adopted, The  first tool to be used will be a PEST analysis. 2.1 PEST Analysis A PEST analysis looks at the macro factors that impact on a company or industry. This  looks at the political, economic, social and technological influences that are seen (Thompson, 2005) 2.1.1 Political Influences Technological development is impacted very heavily by the political environment in which  it occurs. Globally there has been a general trend towards increased openness. This has been seen with the major events such as China joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO). This 

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