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    International Politics in Relationship to Economic Power and Military Power

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    (7 pp) Economics used to be something that your big brother studied in school, and did not want to talk about, so you knew it must be really disgusting or really difficult. With the advent of globalization, and the re-thinking of financial strategies, it is one of the most exciting "games in town." This discussion will look at the importance of that new economic power in light of international politics and a decline in the importance of military power. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    internet has effected politics in the United States, particularly in the last presidential election. Lobbyist Anyone can "lobby" for almost anything. That person can be requesting endorsement, or financial  or voting support for an idea or a person. The issue can be a local one, on a regional level or something that will be relevant to the nation  as a whole. What the internet access has allowed, is for you to knock on the lobbyist cyber-door, when you want to know something, rather than them phoning you in  the middle of dinner, or knocking on your door, when the last thing you want to do that particular evening is talk to anybody about anything. A lobbyist will  want you as a customer or a contributor, and even in the political arena fall in the soup to nuts category. If you wanted to know a presidential  candidates position on gun control or his attitude toward the NRA (www.nra.org: The National Rifle Association), Americas biggest nonpartisan lobby with approximately 3 1/2 million members, you could click on  the site and see what they had to say about a given candidate. Or you might choose to go the presidential web site itself. There you would be  presented with a list of issues or public concerns, with a pat answer, to allay any doubts you might have. Education I find that I put anyone in the "lobbyist"  camp who wants me to do something I have not particularly thought of yet, but that does not mean that lobbyists are all bad (nor that I am prone to  think all the time either). For example, my mother is sure that her assets and social security will "provide for her just fine." One does not argue with 

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