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    Interpersonal Communication: Case Study

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    This 3 page paper provides two fictitious case studies on this subject. Two relationships are provided and analyzed. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    of the language tends to be informal and often superficial. She will ask me how my day was and I will always say fine even if I had a  miserable one. In private, things are usually civil but I often look away although I know she is looking at me most of the time. In public, a similar  situation occurs in that I am quiet while my mother does all the talking. In terms of context and understanding, an example might help to explain the relationship. One  day, we went grocery shopping and my mother walks very slow. She was muttering something or other and I answered her "Yes, mum. I know." She stared at me and  said "I asked you to come and take the cart for a minute because I have to sit down. Im feeling dizzy." Realizing she was ill, I rushed over. I  felt guilty. Yet, we were not communicating. In some way contextual rules dictate quiet, but in an emergent situation, people do help. A worker came over after hearing the  conversation and escorted my mother to a bench. I got her some water and she was okay. Yet, I was embarrassed because I was really not listing to what  she was saying. One could say I was fake listening. Clearly, when I answered her without really hearing the question, that was an example of assumptive listening. Although our  relationship is rather cordial, sometimes conflict enters the picture. Once when my mom wanted to go to a certain movie I explained to her that I had a date and  did not want to take her to the movies that evening. I said I would take her the following day or just another time. She continued to argue with me 

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