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    Interventions for Depression (Case Study Analysis)

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    This 5 page paper evaluates a case study regarding a student's father who is depressed. The paper addresses ways to help the father seek medical attention as well as a behavior modification approach to address his isolation. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    because they likely do not remember a time when they were anything else. Even when people know they are depressed, they sometimes resist treatment because they are afraid of the  new drugs on the market, or simply do not want to be stigmatized. A good example of how someone can be helped after such resistance comes from the film or  book Prozac Nation that tells about a young writer struggling with depression. Chidley (1997) writes that the " tragedy of depression is compounded by the fact that it remains widely  misunderstood" (p.54). While it is true that everyone experiences a blue mood once in awhile, depression is more significant than that (Chidley, 1997). Classic symptoms of depression are feelings  of worthlessness, loneliness, feelings of inadequacy, anxiety and a desire for death (Chidley, 1997). A bipolar patient explains how difficult depression can be: "Thats why people kill themselves, and unless  youve experienced it, you cannot imagine" (Chidley, 1997, p.54). For people who are happy with their lives, and are afraid of dying, that sort of feeling is unimaginable. It is  all the more reason why someone suffering from depression needs help at all costs. Just as there are drug and alcohol interventions to help people with their addictions, sometimes people  with mental disorders need to be prompted to seek treatment because they are in denial. Intervention is necessary when someone is depressed. In a case study submitted by a student,  his or her father is depressed. The assignment seeks a behavior modification that is intended to change behavior. The student wants a strategy that can help improve behavior in four  weeks. His father is depressed and spends a lot of time in isolation. The student would like him to go out and interact with other people. Although this is a 

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