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    Intimate Internet Interaction - Exploring the Psychology of CyberSociety

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    A 9 page paper that examines the current trend of intimate Internet relationships being conducted on the World Wide Web and analyzes the negative psychological and sociological effects of these relationships. Included is a detailed Internet research proposal designed to measure existing levels of online believability. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    of innovation and change. The introduction of television in the 1950s brought about a notable change in lifestyles and leisure activities and initiated a societal shift that was to  continue throughout the rest of the decade. Ours is an adaptable society by design, and modified itself accordingly to incorporate the new concepts that accompanied each of these changes.  The decade of the 1990s, however, saw a tremendous acceleration in this pattern, and these ten years encompassed more innovation and overall change than the ninety that had preceded  it combined. Emerging from this whirlwind is a new world, a new world that is much smaller in lieu of its extended connectivity, yet much larger with the addition  of what is known as cyberspace. The Internet has grown in astronomical leaps and bounds, and society has had to not only adapt at a dizzying rate of speed,  but also virtually recreate itself to incorporate the World Wide Web. From the far reaches of cyberspace has emerged a distinct and unique cybersociety, a new and different world  that has presented new and different problems. Chat rooms and instant messages have become the twenty-first centurys versions of teen hangouts and singles bars, and virtual reality relationships are  blooming all across the face of cyberspace, posing questions regarding the psychological healthiness of such questions and gauging technological gain against the loss of human contact. II. An Analysis  of Internet Intimacy The World Wide Web has much to offer in the areas of research and education, and has proven itself an invaluable tool in these fields. As  the 1980s rolled into the 1990s, the Internet was still primarily the domain of academic or technology-based users. As the decade progressed, the first of the daring and the 

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