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    Investigating the Reasons for the High Level of Unemployment among Graduates in Nigeria

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    This 38 page paper is an in-depth look at the potential reasons for the high level of unemployment in university graduates in Nigeria. The paper is written in the style of a dissertation, including an introduction, aims and methods and a lengthy literature review, examining the economic theories as well as the trends and patterns of unemployment seen in Nigeria. The paper also presents a detailed methodology for primary research. The bibliography cites 36 sources.

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    Definition of Unemployment 7 3.1.2 The Occurrence of Unemployment 9 3.1.2 Unemployment and the Economy 10 Figure 1 Philips Curve 11 Figure 2 The Failure of the Philips Curve 11 3.1.3 Types of Unemployment 14 3.1.4 Influences on Unemployment 16 3.2 Nigeria 17  3.2.1 The Nigerian Economy 17 3.2.2 Unemployment Trends in Nigeria 23 Table 1 Unemployment in Nigeria 1976 - 1997 27 4. Methodology 33 4.1 Methodological Framework 33 4.2 Data Collection and Analysis 34 5. Conclusion 39 References 40    1. Executive Summary There is a general agreement within much of the literature that a problem exists for graduates in Nigeria, with unemployment of graduates estimated to be  70%. Furthermore, unemployment with regard to graduates appears to the long-term in nature. By examining the causes of the problems there is the potential to design a solution. There are  many reasons for unemployment, many of these are linked to the economy; the performance of the economy and the structure of the economy. Nigeria has suffered in both these aspects,  although the economy has been improving in recent years, the structure has changed significantly moving from a diversified economy to one which is reliant on the oil sector. It is  highly likely that the unemployment within graduates results from a mismatch due to the structural changes resulting in structural unemployment. Primary research with human resource professionals responsible for the recruitment  of new employees is proposed, with the use of interviews followed by quality than quantity of analysis, with the results published in a full report. 2. Introduction There are many  reasons why students will undertake a university education order to gain a degree, the gaining of knowledge as well as the potential development of a career and the improvement of 

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