• Is the Nation State Increasingly Irrelevant in the Context of Globalization

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    The State and Globalization: Proponents of globalization argue that the nation state is increasingly irrelevant. This 9 page paper discusses this view in the context of the environment and environmental legislation, regulation and protection. The paper considers the role of the UN and the power is has gained over the years and the impact on countries such as Australia finally ratified the Kyoto protocol in 2007 and what this may mean for businesses and society as a whole in the future. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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    of International Ideals in the Nation State 7 2.4 Influential Voluntary Policies 8 2.5 Erosion of National Powers 9 3. Modern Pressures and the Nation State 10 3.1 Impact on the Future 11 1. Introduction  It is argued that with an increasing level of globalization there is less power resting with the nation state, with the concept of national power and  the nation state becoming less relevant. There are many arguments to support this trend, the economic issues and drivers may be seen as overriding the political differences between nations. A  good example of this is the EU the creation of the trading block was the result of a move to try and create peace through commerce after two world wars,  with a belief that economic ties would be more powerful that political ties and motivations. History has proven this to be right, with no more wars. The concept of the  nation state is still important, and many nations seek to reaffirm their power, but with increasing international pressures government are finding it politically necessary to comply. The  influences are not only economic; they are also political and social and coming from a range of sources including charities and non governmental organizations as well as international organizations. It  may be assumed that the issues are more focused on countries which have nearby neighbors Nation such as Australia have a proud history of independence and resistance to intentional pressures  that try and force compliance. In some areas there has been a successful resistance, but in others there is an inability of the nations state to stand alone. One of  these areas is the environment and the way that the environment is managed, including protection from pollution and sustainability. 2. International Influences By looking at the way that the 

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