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    This 15 page paper is a research proposal to investigate why Sainsbury's have been seeing their market share drop. The paper gives a plan to carry out this research and undertakes a literature review looking at Sainsbury's and their main competitors; Tesco and Asda. The bibliography cites 10 sources.

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    of ?18,441 million in 2001, this level of sales has not been repeated, falling to ?18,206 million in 2002 and down further to ?18,144 million in 2003, the 2004 figure  does show some improvement rising to ?18,239, million, (Sainsbury, 2004), but in real terms this has been a continual loss of market share in an increasing market. This once dominant  supermarket is loosing ground rapidity to companies such as Tesco and Asda. Justin King their new Chief Executive has stated he believes that Sainsburys major weakness is  that customers say that we have not been looking after them as well as we should have done. We have become too inward-looking, and have lost focus on our  customers needs. The aim of this research proposal is to find out why and how this situation has occurred. If the causes are understood then it is easier to  formulate a strategy to reverse the decline in customer levels and try to increase market share once again. 2. The Research Question Often research will start out with a  hypothesis where a theory needs to be proven or disproved. However in this research we will be asking a question with the research seeking to find an answer without the  presupposition of a hypothesis. The question is broad as we want to assess the performance of Sainsburys as it is seen by the customers and assess what it is that  is causing customers to buy more goods elsewhere. Therefore we are going to ask what specific factors in the way that Sainsburys is managed are encouraging customers and potential customers  to shop elsewhere. 3. Limitations and Constraints In the research we are conducting there are certain limitations and constraints. The question is very broad, but there is an assumption 

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