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    This 3 page paper looks at a case study supplied by the student. The case concerns a supermarket in the UK which is looking at ho to make use of the data it has regarding consumer habits. The use of a data warehouse has been taken up. The paper looks at how thee data can be tuned into information and then knowledge. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    and located over a range of stores, where there are old legacy systems, and can be seen only in raw terms. This may have potential, but in this for there  is little value to data alone (van den Hoven, 2002). The current system is one that is limited in the approach but alble to prove data that is required,  The level of access is currently limited to 80 members of staff. However, to consider the value we also have to consider how it should be used. Data, when analysed  and pout into some for of order may indicate buying patterns, not only general patters, but also regional patterns. Daily patterns, may divide the patterns into subgroups by demographics and  also by reference to the different business groups. This can then be of value for a range of uses, not only in terms of ordering and determining local displays  to increase potential impulse purchasers or increase the purchase level, but also in terms of wider marketing such as national advertising. The key is to develop the data into infometion  that can then be used to create and reflect knowledge, looking first at what is needed and then building a system, to facilitate this need (Tuomi, 1999). Where this takes  place at head office level, such as with marketing professionals, it is faire to assume they will have the personal knowledge on how to make use of the information or  consumer knowledge they are given. However, when we look at increasing the use of this to local level, allowing managers access to the database on a secure intranet or internet.  The need will be not only to have the data so that it is retrievable, but also so that the managers at each level know how to make use of 

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