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    This 8 page paper examines the international investment bank JP Chase Morgan. The paper starts with an outline of the company’s history from 1799 to 2006. A SWOT analysis s is used to look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, followed by a brief financial analysis and consideration of the company’s strategy. The bibliography cites 5 sources.

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    and consumers with a ranger of financial services including financial transaction processing, insurance and equity services, and asset and wealth management services operating in more than 50 countries. The  organisation is large and instead of a single mission statements there are mission statements for the different operating units. For example, the JP Morgan Chase Foundation has the following mission  statement "providing access to capital, bringing the resources of JP Morgan Chase to the communities we serve and showing leadership by example" (JP Morgan Chase, 2006). The company as a  whole has three main business principles which it operates by, these are to "aspire to be the best", "execute superbly" and "build a great team and a winning culture". These  are broad principles but are inclusive for the range of businesses that make up the JP Chase Morgan Company. To appreciate the current position of the company we can look  at the history and then undertake a SWOT analysis before considering the financial performance. 2. History The history of J P Morgan Chase is one that has many mergers and  acquisitions which can be traced back to 1799 (JP Morgan Chase, 2006). The main points are summarised below. 1823 - The New York Chemical Manufacturing Company was founded, a  year later the charter of the company was amended so that the company could undertake banking activities. 1851- The banks became an independent company, Chemical Bank, and then undertook  a series of mergers in the following years, including, but not limited to Corn Exchange Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company and Texas Commerce Bank. 1895 - J.P Morgan and  Co is formed out of Drexel, Morgan and Co. The main business was financing the steel industry. In the same year the company supplied $62 million of gold to the 

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