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    Japan's Emergence As A Major Industrial Power

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    8 pages in length. The writer discusses the issues involved with helping Japan emerge as a major industrial power. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    1952, however, there was a resurgence in both economic and political strength that helped to establish Japan as a major industrial power. As the twenty-first century loomed, Japan had  new and stifling issues to deal with: overpopulation, industrial pollution, housing shortages, urbanization and precarious access to necessary raw materials (Rinn-Sup, 1991, p. PG). Japan has faced much economic  humiliation at the hands of the Western powers spanning through the ages; it was at such a point that the country was forced to begin self-examining its conduct and implement  changes to the way things had always been done. From the early modern age, Japan has maintained a strong sense of uniformity when it has come to the cultural  foundation of its people. Historical development, as it reflects growth as a nation, suffered considerable influence from foreign powers; yet despite the many setbacks, Japan has rallied together in  order to uphold its unfaltering commitment to cultural dedication, even in the face of foreign assault and control. It is because of this tenacity to survive and overcome the  odds that Japan remained resilient through the early modern age. "The dramatic success attained in modernization, as measured by victorious wars with China and Russia, brought with it a  degree of social evolution and a large measure of economic progress" (Rinn-Sup, 1991, p. PG). One area in particular that helped Japan emerge  as a major industrial power was making a strong stand with regard to globalization. Japan learned in no uncertain terms that maintaining ones competitive edge while immersed within the  global marketplace not only takes substance and endurance but also an inherent ability to see beyond tomorrow. Establishing a firm grip upon the many variables that are associated with 

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